Are Americans Flaky?

Eight years to slam dunk the country into a recession and 18 months expectation to turn it around – are Americans flaky or just impatient?   Do Americans expect Obama to perform miracles, when it’s evident they have proclaimed that he isn’t God, which we all know that he isn’t – then why is it that the expectation to turn the economy around in 18 months is the driving factor in how he is running the country.  He is our leader, but he can’t legislate anything without legislatures, and with so many opinions how to turn the economy around, surely we can’t expect the microwave sensation that some is looking for.

A large portion of Americans voted for change, yet when he tries something outside the norm, people revert back to what they know has or hasn’t worked; so what can you change when Americans are afraid of the unknown – so I ask again, flaky or impatient?  You decide…

just my opinion, just me being me

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Stimulate the economy

The first round of stimulus did not do exactly what it should have to jump start and keep the country from moving into a recession; so I would like to know what do you think will help turn this country around?  Do you think if the government would have given everyone a certain amount of money to pay off their debts would have been a better effort to boost the economy?  Let me hear from you.

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Subjects That Matter

Back to Our Grassroots: Taking a Look at the Tea Party Movement

By Sue Billings

Back to our grassroots, so says the Tea Party and Glen Beck.  Well, I would suppose that it determines how you define “grassroots”.  For those that choose to discriminate against those that didn’t look like them, the grassroots was called segregation and hatred.  A nation that some claim was built on Christianity and morals, appears to me to be a missed nomenclature particularly when you exclude what God called “the human race”. If the grassroots reverts back to slavery and lynching and bigotry, then is the Tea Party a subtle group spreading hatred and segregation again?

Ironically people of color were categorized as “angry people”.  Well how much more anger can one possess when they lynched humans because they were different shades of color, unlike theirs?  And tell me how much more anger can one possess, now in the year 2010, when they stab a person because he or she is Muslim, and not of the ethnicity or religion that they seem to think is the only options.  Yet these same people that say that this nation was built on the foundation of Christianity are the ones that will hate, kill and destroy anything that they judge not to be like them.   The Christ who was a Jew, which walked amongst all ethnicities, cultures, and social economical backgrounds, would never treat people as do those that say let’s get back to their grassroots.  It sincerely baffles me when a person says that they are a Christian, yet they don’t really know what that means.  If they did, then they would know that the Christ, once again a Jew, gave the Samaritan women water, walked  amongst the Gentiles, healed the leper man, that surely wasn’t in the social class that some of the Tea Party members are, yet they continue to attempt to divide this nation.  Their divide is called “capitalism and greed” that which does not include all humans regardless to their background, color, and economic status.

So, let’s not go back to the “grassroots” that they are selling, for it only includes some and excludes a lot of humans that deserve the same things in life that they have held hostage for themselves only.  Glen Beck made a statement that Blacks don’t own anything and my comment to that is, because some Whites continue to steal that which Blacks deserve, and try to limit them for having the same opportunity as some Whites.   Also because the playing fields still aren’t equal, some Whites can file bankruptcy 8 times or more before some Blacks can even get a loan ( you know Blacks are high risk- right?). Why is this?  I will offer my opinion that it’s because some Whites feel that they are losing control of what used to be homogenous and now there are “flies in the buttermilk”; instead of them trying to build a country that includes all ethnicities, they feel fear.

In closing, the only Tea Party and grassroots should be that which includes black tea, brown tea, white tea, red tea, yellow tea and the grass is the micro filaments of all, even those that appear to be crabgrass.

Once again, just my opinion, just me being me.


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